Bearings required for commercial or military marine applications.

In order to meet the requirements of Ministry of Defence specification 05.24 on quality standards, special inspection procedures and production systems have been formulated at Coleherne.

The United States Navy has been supplied with Kingsbury’s flooded style thrust bearings and sleeve type journal bearings for over half a century.



Bearings required for electric motors, compressors, pumps and fans.

Coleherne has extensively supplied gear box bearings with cylindrical, elliptical or offset bore configuration depending on operating conditions as well as oil ring lubricated, electric motor bearings.

For pump applications customers usually chose Kingsbury’s standard J-style flooded thrust bearings since it provides bi-directional rotation with equal load capacity in both directions. Another option is Kingsbury’s CH system with integrated bearing lubrication system.


Other related areas

Coleherne has extensively supplied locomotive axle bearings, journal bearing bushes (component used in train breaking systems), taper land thrust washers, floating seals, steel with copper-lead used in parts for high pressure pumps by the aviation industry and many more.


Oil rig

Oil & Gas

Bearings required for pumps and high speed gearboxes.

In response to the increasingly faster speed ranges and higher load capacities required in this industry, Kingsbury developed their LEG thrust and journal bearings.

Coleherne’s flooded journal bearings are widely used for standard as well as high speed, high load gearboxes. However for even higher speed, higher load gearboxes the ideal solution is Kingsbury’s BPG (Between Pad Groove) journal bearing.


Power Generation

Bearings required in turbines for steam, gas and hydro applications.

OEM’s preferred choices are Kingsbury’s LEG direct lubrication bearings when designing new machines for steam or gas turbines due to their low power loss and high load capacity.

Kingsbury’s equalising bearings have been the industry standard for hydro-turbine applications.